Welcome to Frenchmen Street!

Welcome to Frenchmen Street ‘ is an atmospheric and orchestral work. The tune is steeped in the styles which Stephen Keyz has become synonymous with and features beautiful groove and jazzy vocals. Overall this is a statement piece. While many may have forgotten about orchestral big band over the last few years due to their radio silence, it has come back stronger than ever. ‘Welcome to Frenchmen Street ‘ says loud and clear that Stephen Keyz have something massive on the way, and this is just the beginning for this new 2018 album release “ All I Need Is Love” . Check it out below.

Stephen Keyz New 2018 album release “All I Need is Love”

Stephen and his friends have released their next single “ frenchmen street ” featuring vocals from Headspot records artists.

“Frenchmen street ” showcases the New Orléans – love for jazz crowner-tinged pop music. The song is built around an infusion of Nola horns, piano, warm tones, Stephen bright energetic voice and feel-good vibes, the result is a song that you’ll likely hear on repeat throughout the spring and summer months. This single is produced with the collaboration of Stephane Kay Krief on the trumpet.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, Amazon Music, Fnac, and many stores

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